52 Weeks of Gratitude: Week 4

4. A Family Member

When I saw this topic, I almost immediately knew who I would write about. I believe that in this life, we don’t just have one “soulmate”. I think that we can have a romantic soulmate, or a soulmate in the form of a friendship or family member. Whatever type of soulmate you encounter, they are placed on this Earth to mean something to you, to affect your life in a way that is singular and unforgettable. The soulmate in my life that I’ll be writing about is my great- aunt Mary.

Mary was my mother’s aunt, but she was only six years older than her. They grew up together, and were more like sisters and best friends. They lived together, went to concerts together, and Mary was even my mom’s maid of honor at her wedding. Mary was my godmother, and while we spent time together when I was younger, I never really got to truly appreciate her and the astounding woman that she was before she passed away when I was a freshman in high school. People would always mention that we were very similar, but I never saw it until later on. At that stage in my life, I hadn’t really grown into myself yet, and it wasn’t until that happened that I realized just how alike we are.

She was hippy artist type who was intellectual, yet disorganized and messy as hell. She was fiercely independent, yet found great purpose in helping everybody around her in any way she could. A caretaker at heart, she was the person all of her friends went to when they needed advice, a shoulder to cry on, or simply somebody to listen. She was a great leader who made an impact on everybody who she encountered. She believed in change, and worked her ass off to see her dreams through to the end. She was impulsive, and put her own needs below others, sometimes to a fault. I see myself exhibit all of these traits, and even more of her quirks, and I couldn’t be more proud to sort of carry on her legacy. She was so incredibly special to my grandmother, who practically raised her, and my mom, to whom she was the sister she never had. When they constantly tell me how much I remind them of her, or that it’s scary how alike we are, it makes me feel great because I know that I possess a little bit of her heart in mine. I carry her spirit alive within me, and I can only hope to be half of the woman that she was. I know that if she were here today, we would be travel partners, concert companions, and best friends. I can’t wait to pick up where we left off someday. Until then, I’ll do my best to live up to her name.


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