Spring Break + Current Grapplings

First of all, it has been FAR too long since I’ve spent time with me, myself, and I and composed something like this. I need to slow down sometimes, take a step back, and realize that simply taking an hour to post on this is far more therapeutic and a better use of my time than indulging in that extra episode of Grey’s…Anyways, I just had my spring “break” last week, and while it wasn’t much of a break, it was a wonderful experience with a few bumps in the road.

I went to Milwaukee, which is one of my favorite Midwestern cities, for a classroom immersion experience with my favorite class. It is a pretty small class of 18 girls, all future educators with the exception of one Liberal Arts major, and a sweet dad-like professor. The most impactful experience for me in Milwaukee was simply being with a group that felt like a family. I am a very passionate person about many of the issues that we addressed and were faced with on this trip, and to find people just as on fire about those things as me was unexpected and memorable. Growing in our friendships and getting to know each other was just as important and impactful as the critical discussions we had about our experiences in the classroom. My classroom experience, on the other hand, was a little off. I am a special education major with an emphasis in learning and cognitive disabilities (LD and CD), and the person in charge of assigning us to our cooperating teacher read CD as communication disorders, which is a different field altogether. Due to this miscommunication, I ended up spending more than half of my time with a speech pathologist rather than a teacher.To be quite transparent, I was pissed about this. To me at the time, it was disappointing enough that I was in an elementary school (I am going into high school education and small children are not forte) without adding in the fact that I would be spending time learning about a career that did not effect me. The type A control freak in me admittedly went in with a slightly negative attitude, which I shouldn’t have done, and to my great surprise, it was a much more positive experience than I anticipated.  While she didn’t have very many students, my speech path taught me a ton about the process of her job, and opened my eyes to the broadness of what she does. I will have to work with speech paths as a special educator, so it was interesting to learn about what goes on behind the scenes. Plus, we had a ton in common and had some wonderful conversations. Through this experience, I learned that nothing is ever what you expect it to be. I have been faced with this idea before, but it’s always important to be reminded of that and to have it driven home. In addition to the classroom experience and stimulating reflection that followed, we also got the explore the city, which made the trip feel more “break-like”. We went a few museums, which I loved. We had a few hours to spend in one of them, and I got some much needed alone time to really soak in all that the establishment had to offer. I also really got to form some strong personal connections with my classmates, which was amazing because I really don’t have very many people that I spend time with in EC. The four hour ride down was honestly one of the most fun road trips that I’ve ever been on, and that’s saying something! All in all, it was a great time to spend the bulk of my break.

Thankfully, we were there from a Sunday to a Friday, so I got the opportunity to spend a little bit of time at home, which was MUCH needed. I barely ever get to go home because of work,and I’m so glad that I had even a few days to spend there. I got to spend time with my parents, and my best friends, who were all home for break, too. It was incredibly therapeutic to get to see my favorite people. I have an extremely close group of friends who do practically everything together, and we spent all of Saturday morning planning our summer trip through some major Midwest cities (yay road trips!). I can’t even begin to describe how lucky I feel to have them in mu life. Not many people my age can confidently say that they have found their lifelong friends, but I have, and I don’t take that lightly. I got to spend the rest of the weekend with my family. I was sick most of Saturday, but I got to just relax with my parents and then we went to church and brunch with my grandma and aunt and uncle on Sunday, which was nice. The best part of the weekend was probably shopping with my mom, though. It was simple, but it just feels so good to do normal, everyday things with somebody that you love. Plus, we are number one bargain shoppers and we scored big, so that’s always a good feeling. I don’t know if it’s the stress of this semester, or if i’m still slightly in the honeymoon stage of being back from New Orleans, but this semester more than any, I’ve really craved going home and appreciated it even more. I love the comfort and normalcy of simply hanging out with the people who mean the most to me, so while i’m enjoying this semester a ton, summer can’t come fast enough!

Other than that great week, my life is pretty boring. It’s a routine of work, school, work, school, netflix binge, more work and school. Basically typical college kid stuff, but the chaos has turned to a steady heartbeat. Hopefully many more blog posts to come on more riveting topics, so stay tuned!


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